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Are you in urgent need of a dead animal removal service?  Do you have a dead animal smell in your house or business?


Our Expert Dead Animal Removal at Southern Wildlife Management, LLC. team has been called to duty and succeeded when other companies have failed to locate the source of the odor or the dead animal in the Suwanee, GA area.

The animals that we will locate, pick up and remove are:  dead deer | dead dog | dead opossum | dead raccoon | dead rats | dead fox | dead squirrel | dead bats | dead beaver | dead cat | unknown dead animals

Some of these dead animal removal callers have tried other companies to no avail, before using our service successfully.  Some of our competitors were responsible for the death of the animal; animals can be poisoned or trapped inside a home.  Our Expert Dead Animal Removal team can locate and remove the dead animal from wherever it may be and take the proper steps to disinfect the affected area to eliminate the odor.


Locate the dead animal in the least intrusive way possible & remove it.  We have some of the best prices in our industry & are extremely effective at what we do.  Our Wildlife Recovery Technicians are fully licensed & insured and have the skill set necessary from years of experience to locate the animal and rid you of the problem.


When necessary sanitize & disinfect the area using hospital grade anti-microbial, anti-viral & anti-bacteria mist which will neutralize any odors and kill off any worrisome parasites or bacteria.We will try to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry and provide you with a proposal to seal up the home so no critters can come in again.

Suwanee Dead Animal Pickup Area
Suwanee Dead Animal Pickup Area

If you smell the animal but have no idea where it is… We are experts in finding the source of the dead animal odor & removing the critter.  We have tools available to us so we can locate the source with minimal effort or damage to your property.  In Suwanee, Georgia,  If you have a dead rat in your wall, a dead squirrel or dead raccoon in your attic, a dead deer in your yard… we can HELP!

“We have had calls from office complexes pleading for us to come QUICKLY to get a dead deer out of the front of their business and within 35 minutes we had it GONE!  We have had a customer call Thanksgiving morning to get dead rats out of his crawl space.  He made a bad decision to poison rats before company came into town and we had to come on the holiday to help remove the cause of the odor before it ruined his holiday.”

We have the training, equipment and experience to locate the animal and get rid of the odor and the unwanted diseases & parasites that are left behind. We do not need to show countless pictures of dead animals, dead deer or dead baby animals in walls to get our point across.

Once you do business with us – you will always chose to do business with us.

Dead Deer Removal | Dead Raccoon Removal | Dear Dog Removal | Dead Opossum Removal | Dead Fox Removal | Dead Cat Removal  | Dead Coyote Removal | Dead Squirrel in an Attic or wall | Dead Critter Removal | Dead Animal Removal

We remove the dead animal & then sanitize the area not only to remove the odor but to remove any living organisms left behind.  There are a lot of airborn illnesses which are spread from dead animal carcasses and feces.  Rat feces has recently been attributed to Hanta Virus from the CDC and caused an out an outbreak from one of our National Parks.

At no additional charge, we automatically use hospital strength sanitizers, when necessary, which include antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral components to combat what is left behind so you do not have to.

We are there when you need us.


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Many customers looking for a quick fix to a rodent problem will go out and purchase rodent poison which can cause more harm than good. We have removed multiple dead rodents from buildings due to poison being placed out by “Pest Control Operators” as well.  Some of the frequent calls we receive for dead animal removal, or odor control, are squirrels that have made their way into a home and get trapped inside a wall void and cannot escape, ultimately leading to their death.  An animal may also live out its natural life cycle and find your attic or crawlspace as a comfortable last resting place.

Additionally, we also receive calls for dead rat removal, most rats that die, will unfortunately die inside the wall void, others may die under insulation, or in duct work, from either dying from poison, or living out their lifespan.  Whatever the cause, our Dead Animal Recovery team can locate & remove the dead animal, deodorize, and disinfect, so you may resume your normal life activities.  The most common dead animal removal call is for dead rodents.

Sometimes it can be easy to find, but other times it can require hours of detective work. Dead animal removal is often referred to as dead animal extraction, carcass removal, dead animal body removal, dead animal pick up, dead animal deer removal, and dead animal removal.  Each job is unique and challenging, but we do our best to find the critter that is causing the odor.  Removing dead animals in crawlspaces or decks can be difficult and hard to reach, however we have specialized tools and training to reach them.  Dead Deer often die after being struck by vehicles or impairing themselves on fences, most homeowner’s complain of a strong odor and will then investigate to find the carcass decomposing nearby.  We try to do all of the dead animal pick-ups the same day that the call came in.

It is important to also inspect your home after the dead animal has been removed and the area disinfected, sanitized and deodorized to prevent further animals from entering your home and possibly dying.  We find dead cats and opossums mainly in crawlspaces, most crawlspace doors are not attached or non-existent, we can repair these areas to prevent future incidents.

The need for flea treatments may also be required, as the fleas will jump off the dead animal as the body cools.  We have teamed up with one of the most reputable Pest Control Companies in town, Mission Pest Control, if needed to resolve the problem.

Our Wildlife Removal Experts can conduct a complete inspection on your home and provide a written estimate to solve your problem for good – quickly & affordably.