Swift and Expert Dead Animal Removal Services in Ellijay – Odor and Hassle-Free Solutions!

Ellijay Dead Animal

Our Expert Ellijay Dead Animal Removal Team at Southern Wildlife Management, LLC., is your go-to expert when it comes to locating and removing suspected dead animals in the wall or structure. We have the expertise in detecting and eliminating the root cause of unpleasant odors in your home or business ensuring your Ellijay property is free from wildlife-related nuisances.

We also handle simple dead animal pick-up on your private property. It is always the same day or the next day that we can come by to remove it. Then we have to haul it North of Dawsonville to legally & properly dispose of the carcass.

The animals that we will locate, pick up and remove are:  dead deer | dead dog | dead opossum | dead raccoon | dead rats | dead fox | dead squirrel | dead bats | dead beaver | dead cat | ALL Ellijay dead animals


When there is only an odor to go on… Our team excels in locating and safely removing wildlife with minimal intrusion. Renowned for competitive pricing and effectiveness in Ellijay, we bring extensive experience to every job. Our fully licensed and insured Wildlife Recovery Technicians deploy advanced techniques honed over years, ensuring swift resolution of your wildlife issues. If the deceased animal can be accessed, even if cutting into a wall is required, we will do everything in our power to access, remove and deodorize the cavity where the animal died. Then the next most important step in the dead animal removal service is to figure out how it got inside and provide you with an estimate to prevent it from happening again by excluding the critters entry points. This service is called “Wildlife Exclusion Services“.


At Southern Wildlife Management, we specialize in comprehensive interior remediation for instances where animals have intruded into the walls or structure of your Ellijay property. Our dead animal clean-up services are meticulously conducted with hospital-grade sanitization methods, including antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial mists, ensuring thorough disinfection. This detailed approach is reserved for indoor scenarios and not for simple outdoor retrievals, as it effectively neutralizes odors and eradicates harmful parasites or bacteria.

Since our Wildlife Removal Services has expanded to include Licensed Pest Control Services as well, we do offer an “Add-ON Service” of a spot treatment of pesticides for fleas and ticks indoors or outdoors due the fact that every flea & tick that was on the the dead animal is now looking for a new host.

We are there when you need us!


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Dead Animal Challenges & Causation

When seeking a swift solution to tackle a rodent issue, many customers opt for rodent poison, often unaware of the potential harm it can cause. However, it’s important to note that the problem doesn’t lie in using poison itself, but rather in its bad placement or improper usage. At our company, we employ proper rodent baiting techniques for effective rodent control, ensuring that we never have to deal with dead animals inside the property.

Regrettably, we’ve encountered numerous instances where “Pest Control Operators” inadvertently exacerbated the problem by placing poison incorrectly, leading to a distressing scenario where we had to extract multiple deceased rodents from various buildings.

Frequently, our phone lights up with calls related to dead animal removal or odor control, typically stemming from squirrels finding themselves inadvertently trapped within the confines of a wall void, unable to escape, resulting in their unfortunate demise. Furthermore, animals may naturally complete their life cycles and seek out your attic or crawlspace as a peaceful final resting spot.

In addition, we’re no strangers to calls regarding dead rats. These rodents often meet their demise within wall voids, beneath insulation, or within ductwork, whether due to poison or simply as part of their natural lifespan. A huge pet-peeve of ours is when someone sets rodent glueboards and never checks them, just leaving the animal to suffer and die. Regardless of the cause, our proficient Dead Animal Recovery team is equipped to locate, extract, deodorize, and disinfect, allowing you to return to your daily routine swiftly. Among the most prevalent requests for dead animal removal in Ellijay, rodents and deer rank at the top.

Most dead animal removal calls within the structure or wall are remediated in under an hour, with our team’s efficiency and expertise. Dead animal removal goes by various names such as dead animal extraction, carcass removal, dead animal body removal, and dead animal pick up, depending on the circumstances. Each task presents its unique challenges, yet we’re committed to identifying the culprit responsible for the unpleasant odor. Extracting deceased animals from wall voids can be daunting, but our specialized tools and training enable us to reach even the most inaccessible spots.

In the case of dead deer, they often meet their fate following vehicle collisions or entanglements with fences, leaving homeowners to grapple with the potent odor until they discover the decomposing carcass nearby. Our aim is to respond promptly and conduct dead animal pickups on the very same day as your initial call, if too late in the workday then it will be the next morning.

We are there when you need us.