Dead Animal Pickup Articles

Dead Animal Pick-up Article

Many customers looking for a quick fix to a rodent problem will go out and purchase rat poisons or hire a Pest Control company to set up bait stations — this will cause more harm than good. We have removed multiple dead rodents from buildings due to poison being placed out by “Pest Control Operators” as well.

Some of the frequent calls we receive for carcass removal, or odor control, are squirrels that have made their way into a home and get trapped inside a wall void and cannot escape, ultimately leading to their death. An animal may also live out its natural life cycle and find your attic or crawlspace as a comfortable last resting place.

We also receive calls for dead rat removal, most rats that die, will unfortunately die inside the wall void, others may die under insulation, or in duct work, from either dying from poison, or living out their lifespan. Whatever the cause or location, licensed Wildlife Technicians are trained to locate & remove the dead animal, deodorize, and disinfect.

On a recent call for dead rodents, we removed 20 dead rats from within a basement wall and to be honest the overpowering and lingering odor was unbearable. We can’t use a respirator, because then it would be impossible to find the animal. We use our noses and years of experience to locate the animal. Sometimes it can be easy to find, but other times it can require hours of detective work. Dead animal removal is often referred to as dead animal extraction, carcass removal, dead animal body removal, dead animal pick up, dead animal deer removal, and dead animal removal. Each job is unique and challenging, but we do our best to find the critter that is causing the odor. Removing dead animals in crawlspaces or decks can be difficult and hard to reach, however we have specialized tools and training to reach them. Dead Deer often die after being struck by vehicles or impairing themselves on fences, most homeowner’s complain of a strong odor and will then investigate to find the carcass decomposing nearby. It is important to also inspect your home after the dead animal has been removed and the area disinfected and deodorized to prevent further animals from entering your home and possibly dying. We find dead cats and opossums mainly in crawlspaces, most crawlspace doors are not attached or non-existent, we can repair these areas to prevent future episodes.Typical Calls are for the following: “Dead squirrel removal or dead squirrel pickup from an attic, dead squirrel in the wall voids, or drop ceiling”, “Dead opossum removal or dead opossum pickup from a yard, shed or under a deck”, “Dead rat removal or dead rat pickup from within wall, basement, or attic”, “Dead raccoon removal or dead raccoon pickup from under crawlspace, attic, or wall”, “Dead mouse removal or dead mouse pickup from basement, wall void, attic”, “Dead dog removal or dead dog pickup from backyard”, “Dead deer removal or dead deer pickup from pool, yard, fence, backyard, pond, etc”, “Dead animal odor control & location services”If the only thing that you take away from this article is the importance of NOT using poisons to control a rodent problem — then this article is a success. There are far too many times that the bait stations cause more issues with dead rodents in the walls then preventing a population explosion. Thanks!